Website Terms and Conditions of Use

This Terms of Use (hereinafter – the "Rules") govern the relationship "DAC" Ltd, hereinafter referred to as "Owner" and any person/entity who uses services of a site, hereinafter – the "User".

For not registered users are spread the conditions of the following terms of rules: "Protection of intellectual property" at the same time as the website starts downloading in the browser.

For users registered on the site, are spread the terms of the rules fully from the moment of registration.

User agrees to accept and abide the terms of these rules applicable to him/her, unconditionally and completely, or leave the site (stop using any of its services).

List of services

For not authorized users in this website the following services are available:

For authorized users additional services will be available:

Existing rules regulate working of all above mentioned services, their modernization, renovation or new services creation.

The owner is obliged to keep the service in actual mode, guaranty its access and act conscientiously.

The user is obliged to use the services, defined for him/her, for getting information, making orders, interacting with the owner, act conscientiously, without causing harm/damage to the site. The user can send his/her wishes, suggestions and claims about the quality of site and its services on the following address: or call +995 (32) 299 09 29.

The owner notifies the user that for using this service, he/she must have a computer and Internet Access (WWW). These conditions are provided by the user independently.

You understand and agree that all services are provided "as is" and owner is not liable for any delays, failures, or loss of any incorrect information published on this site.

The site may contain the links of the other recourses, but the owner is not responsible on their availability, security and compliance in accordance with Georgian legislation.

Registration on the site

User provides the registration on this website independently, by filling the electronic form. The user confirms the accuracy, actuality and completeness of the presented information.

After filling registration form, the user gets the activation link of the created account on the email address indicated in the registration form.

If there is a doubt about the information given by user, owner has the right to suspend the registration of the user, block or delete the account or limit the use of some or all of the site services.

The owner has right at any time request from the user the confirmation documents about the information, specified by user during the registration. If the user refuses to present requested information, refusal will have the same results as presenting inaccurate, non-recent or incomplete information during the registration.

When registration is completed, you get access to the personalized services of the owner.

The user is responsible for the safety and privacy of his/her login and password. He/she is responsible for all activities that occur under the account. The user shall immediately inform the owner about unauthorized access to his/her account.

The user is obliged for guarantee safety of logging out of the site – exit from the account after finishing every working session on services.

The responsibility and negative consequence for any loss or damage of data, which may be due to the user’s non proper use of the account and registration, is under user’s responsibilities.

After registration, the user can use his/her account (username and password) to access the services of the site without the right to transfer it to third person in a permanent or temporary use. The user guarantees that he/she will not use account of the third person. Responsibility for violation of the terms of this paragraph and the possible negative, material and moral (including reputation) damages, are under user’s responsibility.

The information provided on the user’s account must be legal and ethical. The parties undertake the protection of the authorized rights of owner, user and the third person. It is strictly forbidden to place the harmful, threatened, abusive and discriminating information towards any person, which can be expressed by placing other links of sites, which can contain such information.

User stated that, owner is not obliged to check the content of information before placing it and the fact that the owner has rights (but no obligation) to refuse to place specific content by his own discretion, or delete specific content, which is available from one of the services. The user takes the responsibility to evaluate independently all the risks associated with the use of content, including an assessment of the reliability, completeness or usefulness of content.

The user must not commit acts, which balk working the site, not to impersonate another person or entity, including their representative, and shall refrain from collecting and storing personal data of other persons.

The owner has rights to send informational mails to the user.

Termination or Suspension of the Account

The owner can terminate or suspend working of user’s account fully or partly and using the other services, delete any content without explanation, including violating given rules.

Suspension of the account’s work can be in case of:

If the user has not activated the account within one calendar year since the last visit, the owner has the right to delete his/her account.

The owner has rights to annul his/her own account on the site any time.

Terms of services are defined by the owner. He/she is not responsible for termination of excess to his/her services.

Intellectual Property Protection

Programs that make up the services of a site, as well as the services themselves are the intellectual property of the owner and protected by acting law of Georgia on intellectual property.

The user can not use fully or partly, not repeat and copy the services of the site for some commercial purposes; there can be exception, if it is agreed with owner and if the owner gave permission in a written form.

In case of having such written permission, about spreading information, the primary source ( or specific site’s link must be indicated.

Commercial Secret

Any kind of information which is transferred from the user to the owner and from the owner to the user is considered as the Commercial Secret of the parties. The parties agree not to transfer any information to the third party, what is obtained during the interaction through the services of a site. It is permitted only if there is a written agreement between parties.

Final Provisions

Rules may be altered or amended by the owner without any further notice; the new edition of the rules shall enter into force without its publication on the site, exception – if any other provisions are not provided in new agreement. The current edition of the Regulations is always on the page

The relation of the user and the owner are regulated by Georgian acting legislation. If the user is outside of Georgia, the given relation can be regulated by the law of the country’s where user is located, which is not regulated by Georgian legislation.